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Grammar 2 years ago
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Add licensing info to README 2 years ago
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README: Quick wordlist filename correction 2 years ago
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Add Starbound.txt list to README 2 years ago
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Add Starbound blocks and items list 2 years ago
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Bugfix: Correct word-level flat n-gram generation 2 years ago
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Add list of dragons. It's not mine! It belongs to it's rightful owner. 2 years ago
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Refine dishes & FF lists 2 years ago
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Do some optimising to make it better work with Shakespeare. The weighted generator now does things in parallel! 2 years ago
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Add Shakepeare's complete works 2 years ago
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Add additional protection against blank n-grams 2 years ago
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Add stardew valley item list 2 years ago
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CLI: Ignore blank lines 2 years ago
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Bugfix: Correct word-level generation to be a sliding-window 2 years ago
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Add achp (average choice-point-ratio) calculation 2 years ago
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Bugfix word-level generation 2 years ago
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Add initial word-level support 2 years ago
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unescape dish names 2 years ago
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Implement word-level ngrams 2 years ago
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Add recipes wikia dish list 2 years ago
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Add No Man's Sky item list 2 years ago
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Talk about new wordlists in README.md 2 years ago
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Add download script for scraped wordlists, and Final Fantasy 15 item list 2 years ago
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Tweak CLI a bit more 2 years ago
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Add list of items in CrossCode (http://cross-code.com/en/home) 2 years ago
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Bugfix CLI 2 years ago
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Refactor CLI to make it much nicer, and add some features. Also, bugfix the weighted markov chain 2 years ago
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Output time to stderr 3 years ago
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Merge branch 'master' of https://git.starbeamrainbowlabs.com/sbrl/MarkovGrams 3 years ago
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Write weighted markov chain! :D 3 years ago
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  Starbeamrainbowlabs 03fad1ab78 Fix markov chain generation to base the next ngram on the previous one - not the first one 3 years ago
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