Starbeamrainbowlabs sbrl

Dockerfiles and scripts to build various Docker images I rely on.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Cluster deployment toolkit for rapidly provisioning new hosts

Updated 3 months ago

Automatic plant monitoring and watering system

Updated 5 months ago

The website!

Updated 5 months ago

The Linux 101 tutorial resources I've put together.

Updated 7 months ago

Mutate a word to find a cool name!

Updated 10 months ago

A collection of maze generation programs

Updated 11 months ago

Converts MIDI files into music box scores that are ready to print.

Updated 1 year ago

The code that drives my apt repository.

Updated 2 years ago

A bicycle riding through some parallax procedurally generated terrain.

Updated 2 years ago

A cool starry night scene. Made for Christmas (actually new year) 2016.

Updated 2 years ago

Experiments into markov chains, n-grams, and text generation.

Updated 2 years ago

A home for my visual webpage diffing technology.

Updated 2 years ago

A place for all the arduino code I write.

Updated 3 years ago

My LoRaWAN Signal Mapping MSc summer project. This is a copy of the actual repository with personal information removed.

Updated 3 years ago