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Add download script for scraped wordlists, and Final Fantasy 15 item list

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16-Bit Buddies
756-V-17th Morning Edition
A1-Class Powershield
Adamantite Bangle
Advanced Color Samples
Aegir Root
A Little Friend Sticker
Allural Shallot
Alstor Bass Bones
Amethyst Bracelet
Ammonite Fossil
Anak Antlers
Anak Fetlock
Anak Meat
Ancient Dragon Tooth
Angel Earring
Anklet of the Gods
Anti-darkness Inners
Applied Sorcery
Arapaima Roe
Arapaima Scales
Arba Spur
Armiger Accelerator
Armory on Wheels
Assassin Mascot
Assassin's Insignia
Assist Suit
Barbed Poison Needle
Barbed Scythe*
Barramundi Fillet
Barramundi Goldfin
Barramundi Innards
Barrelfish Mucus
Barrelfish Scales
Basic Color Samples
Basilisk Plumage
Bass Eye
Bass Teeth
Beast Whistle
Beautiful Bottle
Beautiful Hide
Beautiful Plumage
Beaux Arts
Beetle Shell
Behemoth Horn
Behemoth Round
Behemoth Tenderloin
Bent Dog Tag
Big Bang
Big Scorpion Stinger
Birdbeast Egg
Black Belt
Black Choker
Black Hood
Blackstone Crystal
Blackstone Ore
Blackstone Shard
Blitzer's Fanfare
Blue Choker
Blue Diamond Bracelet
Bluefin Tuna Fillet
Bluegill Fin
Bluegill Scale
Bluestone Crystal
Bluestone Ore
Bluestone Shard
Broken Dog Tag
Broken Harmonica
Broken Magitek Core
Bronze Bangle
Building Stone
Bulette Carapace
Bullet Hole Sticker
Bulletproof Suit
Bulletproof Vest
Cactuar Effigy
Cactuar Model
Cactuar Needle*
Cactuar Sculpture
Cactuar Statuette
Cactuar Sticker
Caem Carrot
Caem Pinkshrimp
Camera Strap
Carbon Bangle
Carbon Weave
Catfish Barbel
Catfish Heart
Catfish Mucus
Catoblepas Brisket
Catoblepas Fang
Caution: Wild Beasts Sticker
Cavalier Sticker
Centipede Feet
Centipede Jaw
Centipede Legs
Centipede Teeth
Centurion Bangle
Champion's Anklet
Check Pattern
Chickatrice Leg
Chobham Armor
Chocobo Sticker
Chocobo Whistle
Chrome Bit
Cid's Old Hammer
Cieldalaes Pear
Cieldalaes Pineapple Seeds
Cleigne Darkshell
Cleigne Mollusk
Cleigne Wheat
Cockatrice Crest
Cockatrice Tail Feathers
Coctura's Cat Food
Coernix Oil Sticker
Coeurl Whiskers*
Colorful Griffon Claw
Corsa Medal
Crab Carapace
Crimson Tongue
Crooked Helixhorn
Crown City Smartphone
Crusader's Anklet
Crushed Dog Tag
Cup Noodles
Curiel Greens
Curved Fang
Curved Hollowhorn
Dace Scales
Daggerquill Breast
Dark Crest
Dark Matter Bracelet
Deadly Stinger
Debased Banknote
Debased Coin
Debased Silverpiece
Destrier Medal
Diamond Bracelet
Divine Whiskers
Doman Pear
Doman Plum Pits
Downy Feathers
Dragon Claw
Dragon Horn
Dragon's Beard
Dragon Scales
Dream Egg
Drooping Whiskers
Dualhorn Steak
Earth Gemstone*
Earth Pendant
Ebony Sticker
Electric Actuator
Electrolytic Condenser
Emerald Bracelet
Emerald Stone
Emperor's Anklet
Enormous Stinger
Enticing Truffle
Eos Green Peas
Expert Color Samples
Faded Letter
Fan Service
Fat Chocobo Medal
Fearsome Hoof
Fencer's Anklet
Field Medicine
Fine Cleigne Wheat
Fine Crest
Fine Gighee Ham
Fine Slimy Oil
Fine Tail Feathers
Fire Crest
Fireproof Inners
Flames I
Flames II
Flames III
Flesh Fortifier
Fossil Shell
Fossil Wood
Free Carnival Passport
Friendship Band
Gar Fin
Garnet Bracelet
Garula Fur
Garula Sirloin
Garula Tusk
Genji Gloves
Giant Crab Pincers
Giant Curlhorn
Giant Feather
Giant Hairy Horn
Giant Hoof
Gigas Bangle
Gighee Ham
Gladio Sticker
Glass Gemstone*
Glimmering Zu Egg
Gold Bangle
Gold Chocobo
Gold Dust
Golden Hourglass
Gold Needle
Gold Shard
Gorgeous Plumage
Gralean Medal of Distinction
Great Anak Antlers
Great Garula Tusk
Greatsnake Crest
Greatsnake Scale
Green Choker
Greenstone Crystal
Greenstone Ore
Greenstone Shard
Griffon Breast
Griffon Claw
Griffon Feather*
Grouper Bones
Grouper Combscale
Grouper Fin
Grouper Skin
Hairy Horn
Hammerhead Sticker
Han Lemon Seeds
Han Pear
Hardened Hide
Hardened Hoof
Hard Scale
Hard Whiskers
Havocfang Hide
Heavy Scale
Heliodor Bracelet
Horn of Cleansing
Horn of Fortitude
Horn of Madness
Horn of Resolve
Horn of Tenacity
Hulldagh Nutmeg
Hunter’s Medal
Hydraulic Cylinder*
Hypno Crown
Ice Crest
Ignis's Cane
Ignis Sticker
Imperial Medal of Honor
Inertia Controller
Infernian Shard
Insect Stinger
Insulated Inners
Intricate Coin
Iron Bangle
Iron Shavings
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 1
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 2
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 3
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 4
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 5
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 6
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 7
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 8
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 9
Jade Gar Mirrorscale
Jennet Medal
Jockey Master Medal
Jumbo Needle
Justice Monsters Five
Karlabos Carapace
Kettier Ginger
Key of Prosperity
Killer Tomato
Knight's Anklet
Kujata Marrow
Large Arapaima Scales
Large Hollowhorn
Laser Sensor
Lavender Oil
Legatus Bangle
Leiden Pepper
Leiden Sweet Potato
Leukorn Steak
Lightning Crest
Long Course Medal
Lovers' Notebook
Lucian Carp Reverscales
Lucian Carp Rowscales
Lucian King's Crest
Lucian Tomato
Luna Sticker
Luxury Cat Food
Magic Flask
Magitek Booster
Magitek Core*
Magitek Shield
Magitek Suit
Magitek Suit V2
Magnificent Crest
Magnificent Tail Feathers
Maiden's Kiss
Malboro Eye
Malboro Vine
Mamook Pear
Mamook Pear Seeds
Mandrake Flower
Mark of the Archaean
Mark of the Draconian
Mark of the Fulgurian
Mark of the Glacian
Mark of the Hydraean
Mega Phoenix
Mesmenir Horn
Messengers' Amulet
Metal Scrap*
Mettle VX
Midgardsormr Shank
Mighty Guard
Mimett Greens
Monica's Cat Food
Monster Claw*
Monster Jaw
Moogle Charm
Moogle Plushie
Moogle Sticker
Moon Pendant
Morion Trout Scales
Mummy Bass Guts
Murk Grouper Eye
Muscle Stimulant
Myrlwood Firefly
Mystery Map
Mystic Circlet
Mythic Color Samples
Mythril Component
Mythril Ingot
Mythril Ore
Mythril Shaft
Nebula Salmon Fillet
Niella Bracelet
Nixperience Band
Noctis Sticker
O'Ghomoro Berry Seeds
O'Ghomoro Pear
Old Book
Onion Bangle
Oracle Ascension Coin
Oracle Card
Oracle Earring
Phoenix Bass Bladder
Phoenix Down
Platinum Bangle
Platinum Ingot
Platinum Leviathan
Platinum Myrltrout Fillet
Poisonous Catfish Fin
Polished Dog Tag
Pop Art
Portable MP3 Player
Power EX
Power Plant Keycard
Power Stone
Power Wristband
Prawn Antennae
Prismatic Dust
Prismatic Ore
Prompto Sticker
Protective Amulet
Purified Salt
Quality Building Stone
Racing Stripes I
Racing Stripes II
Racing Stripes III
Racing Stripes IV
Racing Stripes V
Rainbow Frog
Rainbow Pendant
Rare Coin
Rare Metal
Reagan Greens
Red Choker
Red Frog
Redstone Crystal
Redstone Ore
Redstone Shard
Red Tusk
Reflex Enhancer
Regalia Crest
Repair Kit
Replica Medal
Ring of Resistance
Robe of the Lord
Rotten Splinterbone
Rough Scales
Rough Shell
Rounsey Medal
Royal Stripes I
Royal Stripes II
Royal Vessel Key
Ruby Bracelet
Ruby Stone
Rune Earring
Rusted Bit*
Rusted Dog Tag
Sabertusk Claw
Safety Bit
Sahagin Liver
Sahagin Scale
Salmon Fin
Sapphire Bracelet
Saxham Rice
Scaled Skin
Scarlet Splinterbone
Schier Turmeric
Scorched Dog Tag
Scorpion Barb
Scorpion Stinger
Scratched Dog Tag
Scribbled Note
Sea Bass Fillet
Sealbreakers' Key
Security Card
Sharp Bone
Sharp Bristles
Sharp Head Fin
Sharp Scythe
Sharp Tail Feathers
Shattered Timepiece
Sheep Milk
Shield Spike
Short Course Medal
Silver Bangle
Silver Dust
Silver Shard
Sky Gemstone*
Slimy Oil
Small Beak
Smelling Salts
Smoking Wood
Snakehead Scales
Snakehead Teeth
Soldier's Anklet
Soul of Thamasa
Spider Silk
Spiked Armor*
Spiny Barramundi Fin
Spirit ZX
Splendid Building Stone
Stamina Badge
Star Pendant
Star Shell
Stone Wall
Strange Engine
Strong Bone
Strong Pincers
Strong Whiskers
Sturdy Helixhorn*
Styling Gel
Sullied Dog Tag
Super Baleen
Superior Restorative
Supple Tail
Sylkis Greens
Sylvester's Map
Sylvester's Map Piece
Tactician's Fanfare
Target Scope
Tarot Card
Tech Turbocharger
Tempered Shield
Tenebraen Oak
The Beast
The Clever's Talisman
The Founder King's Sigil
The Good Chamberlain
The Grand Chamberlain
The Tall's Talisman
The Wanderer's Talisman
Thick Hide
Thieves' Way
Thieves' Way II
Thunderoc Feather
Tide Grouper Fillet
Tiny Feather
Titanium Bangle
Tombkeep's Key
Tough Shell
Translucent Skin
Treant Branch
Treant Trunk
Trevally Fillet
Trevally Fin
Trevally Scales
Trihead Heart
Trout Fillet
Trout Scales
Twisted Dog Tag
Ulwaat Berries
Umbra Sticker
Unstable Stabilizer
Valfruit Seeds
Val Pear
Verve WX
Vesper Gar Fillet
Volcanic Bouquet
Voretooth Bristles
Warm Inners
Warped Wings
Warrior's Anklet
Warrior's Fanfare
White Choker
White Sage
White Sneakers
Whitestone Crystal
Whitestone Ore
Whitestone Shard
Wild Onion
Wind-up Lord Vexxos
World Map
Worn Incisor
Wyvern Wing
Xelphatol Apple Seeds
Xelphatol Pear
Yellow Frog
Yellowstone Crystal
Yellowstone Ore
Yellowstone Shard
Zu Beak
Zu Tender

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@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
#!/usr/bin/env bash
curl | xidel --data - --css "table a" | awk "NF > 0" | sort >Cross-Code-Items.txt
curl '' | xidel --data - --css "table th.b[rowspan=4]" >Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt
curl '' | xidel --data - --css "table th.b[rowspan=4]" | sed -e 's/(.*$//g' | sort >>Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt
curl '' | xidel --data - --css "table th.b[rowspan=2]" | sort >>Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt
curl '' | xidel --data - --css "table.article-table tr:not(.a) th.b" | sort >>Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt
curl '' | xidel --data - --css "table.article-table tr:not(.a) th.b" | sort >>Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt
curl '' | xidel --data - --css "table.article-table tr:not(.a) th.b" | sed -e 's/(.*$//g' | sort >>Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt
curl '' | xidel --data - --css "table.article-table tr:not(.a) th.b" | sed -e 's/(.*$//g' | sort >>Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt
sort Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt -o Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt