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`Cross-Code-Items.txt` | List of items in _[Cross-Code]( | A list of all items in the game _CrossCode_. Scraped from [here]( by a clever bit of bash in `wordlists/`. I obviously don't own any of these names.
`Final-Fantasy-15-Items.txt` | List of items in _[Final Fantasy 15]( | Another list of in-game items - this time from _Final Fantasy XV_. Scraped from [this wiki page]( and related pages. The even cleverer bit of bash that does this is also in `wordlists/`. Again, I don't own any of these :-)
`No-Mans-Sky-Items.txt` | List of items in [No Man's Sky]( | Yep, you guessed it. Don't own this. Bash available in `wordlists/` - I had a bit of trouble with this one, and had to use an awkward hack or two.
`Starbound.txt` | List of blocks and items in [Starbound]( | From the [Official Wiki]( - I don't own it, I just wrote the scraper :P
## Credits
- The code was written by [Starbeamrainbowlabs]( - that's me too!