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README: tweak 4 months ago
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twitter cards: fix image url 4 months ago
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Add twitter card <meta /> tags 4 months ago
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Add initial OpenGraph implementation 4 months ago
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teensy clarification 4 months ago
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Add deploy task 9 months ago
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add link to getting started guide 9 months ago
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Outset shadows don't work very well with 3d transformed elements w/perspective, apparently 9 months ago
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Add icons 9 months ago
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Refinements and add link to changelog 9 months ago
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Add quick links sections 9 months ago
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Add and tweak headings as h2 9 months ago
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Add even moar screenshots and a download section 9 months ago
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Add wikipedia credit & another screenshot 9 months ago
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Add a picture below the features 9 months ago
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add a fancy animation to the initial screenshot & do the layout for the features 9 months ago
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Add busybox http server 9 months ago
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Add images and work more on the layout 9 months ago
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Update README 9 months ago
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Merge branch 'master' of git.starbeamrainbowlabs.com:sbrl/pepperminty-wiki-website 9 months ago
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Add image 9 months ago
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Start on CSS, but we are barely even getting started 9 months ago
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tweak features 9 months ago
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Make build helper script better 9 months ago
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Fill out features list 9 months ago
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Fix css pathing 9 months ago
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Setup scaffolding. 9 months ago
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Hrm. I'm still not sure about this..... I'm just *really* picky I guess. 1 year ago
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Zola doesn't appear to be working out, so let's try something else 1 year ago
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Try to get the templating working, but it's being stubborn :-/ 1 year ago
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Build: Fix output directory 1 year ago
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Setup scaffolding & basic build script 1 year ago
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Add zola 1 year ago