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  Starbeamrainbowlabs 632ca004c6
cron.sh: set -e 6 days ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 14ad732e48
update-cron: force metafiles 5 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs d5eec9cf94
cron.sh: identify & fix issues thanks to shellcheck 5 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs c8a70c8ca9
aptosaurus: something fishy is going on with the cron script...... 6 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs e3afca72e0
aptosaurus.sh: don't run rm via xargs if file list is empty 6 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 0430fc5109
cron.sh: export home to avoid permission denied reading non-existent config file 6 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 0747206a4e
aptosaurus: reallly fix delete old 6 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 00e683d102
aptosaurus: fix logic 6 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs d057a9cea7
aptosaurus: fix delete old 6 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs efe6d55913
aptosaurus: add FORCE_UPDATE override 6 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 9b14a99309
Delete packages more than 3 versions out of date 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 0024777b74
Merge branch 'master' of git.starbeamrainbowlabs.com:sbrl/aptosaurus 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs c4c0717ecc
Bugfix: cd back to root before generating the summary file 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 92d2b03a34 Update 'README.md' 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs dee2053a6a
Add another note 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 647ce8e1e4
Add note 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs a8330ac464
generate-summary: fix function name 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 7fc1a9e031
generate-summary: Fix xargs call 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 36e6f51957
Fix shellcheck errors 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 9669e0ec9d
.....it's being stubborn 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 942e8a5b47
Fix comments 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs f2a1d6c503
Fiddle with generate-summary 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs e738e4092b
Add SUMMARY.txt generator 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 452391b55e
Commit header.html from the actual repo to git 8 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 8016833a5b
metafiles: cd into repo if this isn't done already 10 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs cf4ddd4f99
Refactor to add new metafiles subcommand 10 months ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 08a64effe9
Typo 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 94aec8c65a
[cron.sh] specify build task to execute 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 7d32b1b15b
[cron.sh] Explicity execute with bash 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 0a03fc9d9d
Make cron.sh executable 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs e71f2b89fc
Add cron script 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs dee41dc775
[update-cron] Grab exit code correctly 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs dcb3334d0b
[update-cron] Fix bash call 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 63667aff23
mktmp -> mktemp 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 22cddc3165
[update-cron] cleam up after we're done 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs b57c77b400
Add update-cron task 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 614a383662
Tweak metafile generation again 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 19d5fb98d0
Bugfix: Correct metafile generation 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs f8abab6947
Aesthetic changes 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 21abed1a1f
Bugfix: Fix new package detection 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs d45f24a621
Update .gitignore again 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 77877f1af4
Update .gitignore 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 90bd7b5ae3
Fix symlinking 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 20729c8676
Bugfix: Use xargs --null option 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 3e36f05df8
Bugfix: Search right directory for source packages 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs da9329257c
Fix gpg unsafe perms warning 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs e1cc931f3e
Fix gpg key import logic 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 89475eaca8
Ignore gpg's home directory 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs 546ef9fa6a
Fix complaints about gpg's home directory not existing 1 year ago
  Starbeamrainbowlabs ea21f61d83
Fiddle with gpg 1 year ago