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MicroSD Card Breakout Board:
This is an example. Any Arduino-compatible microSD card slot will do.
MicroSD Card:
Again, any card that's 1GiB+ will do.
Arduino Uno:
Any will do.
RFM95 + Breakout:
The LoRa radio modem. All-in-one.
If the above isn't possible, then the following will be needed:
Raw RFM95:
A raw RFM95. Only needed if the RFM95 + Breakout isn't possible. Requires the below breakout board separately.
RFM95 Breakout:
An RFM95 breakout board. Only needed if the above is chosen.
3.3v - 5v level shifter:
Only needed if a raw RFM95 is bought.
GPS Module:
Any arduino-compatible GPS board is fine.
Very useful for designing circuits. Not essential, as I think I've got one at home lying around.
Jumper cables:
Just examples. I'll of course need some jumper cables to put it all together with. I should imagine the department has some of these already?
Size unknown, so this is _not_ to be included in the initial purchase. I'll need to run some tests to see how much power it uses to figure outt he right battery size.
Project box:
Only needed if I can't gain access to the Fab Lab to 3D-print one.
A brilliant and essential board that reduces power consumption by turning an arduino device on and off at regular intervals.
Micro usb breakout:
Needed to interface with the battery & insert the TPL-5111 in between the battery & the Arduino.
TODO: Add the following: Micro-usb cable, mimcro-usb power intake
TODO: Merge this into the README

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# Msc-Summer-Project
My Msc Summer Project
> My Msc Summer Project
## Hardware Used
- [RFM95 w/ breakout]( (alternatively [this](
- [GPS]( (or [this](
- [microSD breakout](
- DC in + USB-a power regulator (or maybe [this](
- [microSD Card]( - any card that's 1GiB+ will do.
- [Arduino Uno](
- [Breadboard](
- Jumper cables (e.g. [a](, [b](, and [c](
- [Battery]( - Size currently unknown - I'll need to run some tests to see how much power it uses to figure out the right battery size.
- [Project box]( - if we can't 3D print one
- [TPL-5111]( - also available from Pimoroni