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# Msc-Summer-Project
> My Msc Summer Project
## Hardware Used
- [RFM95 w/ breakout]( (alternatively [this](
- [GPS]( (or [this](
- [microSD breakout](
- DC in + USB-a power regulator (or maybe [this](
- [microSD Card]( - any card that's 1GiB+ will do.
- [Arduino Uno](
- [Breadboard](
- Jumper cables (e.g. [a](, [b](, and [c](
- [Battery]( - Size currently unknown - I'll need to run some tests to see how much power it uses to figure out the right battery size.
- [Project box]( - if we can't 3D print one
- [TPL-5111]( - also available from Pimoroni
## Useful Links
- Entropy extraction from the watchdog timer vs the internal clock: