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A collection of resources for programmers. This is a read-only backup mirror of the main Github repository. https://github.com/sbrl/thebigwarehouse
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The Big Warehouse

A collection of resources for programmers

This repository is like a 'big warehouse', and it contains a number of different 'big boxes'. Each big box contains a (growing!) number of related resources. Pull requests are always welcome :) Resources which have an excessive number of dependencies will not be accepted (except under special circumstances).

Warehouse Inventory

Beta Boxes

These boxes aren't quite full enough to be put into the main warehouse inventory, but they still contain some interesting links.

  • Hackr.io - This one is too good not to add. A collection of links to computer science / programming tutorials on just about everything. You can even submit to this list too!
  • codebeautify.org - A comprehensive set of tools to validate / view / format / minify / convert all sorts of web based languages.
  • JumpChat - A service that makes it super easy to start a video / audio call with a group of people
  • libraries.io - A website that watches lots of package managers and acts as a search engine, allowing you to search them all for the library you need.
  • TurboBytes Pulse - Do DNS lookups, traceroutes, and HTTP HEAD requests from many locations around the globe.
  • Up1 - A client-side-encrypted image / text / file host that encrypts files on the client, so the server doesn't know anything about the files it is hosting.
  • ImDisk Toolkit - A fantasic toolkit for mounting all sorts image files. Uses and extends Imdisk as a backend. Allows creation of ramdisks that are dynamically allocated, and the mounting of many different virtual hard disk files too.
  • ttystudio - An easy to use terminal recorder. Uses Node.js. Run npm install ttystudio.
  • ShellCheck - An online tool that checks your bash scripts for common mistakes. Also available in other formats, such as through apt.