A combination of a C# server and an arduino program that allows you to control a bunch of Hull Pixelbots at once. Currently a work in progress - it should be amazing once it's done!
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A combination of a C# server and an arduino program that allows the control of a Hull Pixelbot.

PixelHub Cilent protocol

The PixelHub client protocol is a (mostly) binary-based protocol that the server uses to talk to the PixelBot and give it instructions. It is documented in the PixelHub Protocol file.

Split-brain robots

If you have a split brain robot, the PixelHub client, while it doesn't support it yet, can be adjusted to add support. Currently, all you need to do is swap out the PixelHubController .cpp file with one that can talk to your other microcontroller that actually controls the wheels.


  • Debugging:
    • Andrew C, Karen van Eck, Mike C
  • Soldering:
    • Brian N

Tcp Client

For Multicast networkinterface blog post

Bits and Bobs