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A quick demo of Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.

Written for a blog post.

Getting Started

In Visual Studio / MonoDevelop / etc.

Open the .sln file in Visual Studio and hit the start button. It should automatically download and install the dependencies from NuGet. You may need to accept some license agreements.

In the terminal / command line

Navigate to root of this repository in your terminal or command line (if on Windows, ensure it's a Visual Studio Developer Tools Prompt or the like), and run msbuild:


Once done, the output binary should be located in TextRecogniserDemo/bin/Debug. Navigate to that directory and run it:

# On Linux:
mono ./TextRecogniserDemo.exe
# On Windows:


This project is meant as a demo - and as such as a starting point for your own code. If you find a bug, however, I'm happy to take a look (or, even better send a patch and send it my way - my contact details can be found on my website).

Please remember to state in your email / message / etc to state that you release your patch under the licence below :-)


The code in this repository is licenced under the MIT License - the text of which is located in the LICENSE file in this repository. tl;drLegal have a summary if you don't want to read the full text :P