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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Threading;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.Recognizers.Text;
using Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.DateTime;
using Newtonsoft.Json;
using S22.Xmpp;
using S22.Xmpp.Client;
using S22.Xmpp.Im;
namespace RhinoReminds
public class ClientListener
public readonly string Jid;
public string Username => Jid.Split('@')[0];
public string Hostname => Jid.Split('@')[1];
private readonly string password;
private ReminderList reminders = new ReminderList();
private XmppClient client;
public ClientListener(string inJid, string inPassword) {
Jid = inJid;
password = inPassword;
public async Task Start()
client = new XmppClient(Hostname, Username, password);
client.Error += errorHandler;
client.Message += messageHandler;
client.SubscriptionRequest += subscriptionRequestHandler;
// Connect to the server. This starts it's own thread that doesn't block the program exiting, apparently
while (!client.Connected)
await Task.Delay(100);
Console.WriteLine($"[Rhino/Setup] Connected as {Jid}");
await Task.Delay(Timeout.Infinite);
private bool subscriptionRequestHandler(Jid from) {
Console.WriteLine($"[Rhino/SubscriptionRequest] Approving subscription from {from}");
return true;
private void errorHandler(object sender, ErrorEventArgs e) {
Console.Error.WriteLine($"Error {e.Reason}: {e.Exception}");
private void messageHandler(object sender, MessageEventArgs eventArgs) {
Console.WriteLine($"[Rhino/Reciever] [Message] {eventArgs.Jid} | {eventArgs.Message.Body}");
string message = eventArgs.Message.Body;
string[] parts = Regex.Split(eventArgs.Message.Body.Trim(), @"\s+");
string instruction = parts[0].ToLower();
if (parts.Select((string nextPart) => nextPart.ToLower()).Contains("remind")) {
Console.WriteLine("[Rhino/Reciever] Identified remind request");
List<ModelResult> dateAiResult = DateTimeRecognizer.RecognizeDateTime(message, Culture.English);
if (dateAiResult.Count == 0) {
sendChatReply(eventArgs.Message, "Sorry, but I didn't recognise any date or time in that message.");
//DateTime dateTime = dateAiResult[0].Resolution["values"]
"#1: " + (dateAiResult[0].Resolution["values"] as List<object>)[0].ToString() + "\n" +
"JSON: " + JsonConvert.SerializeObject(
private void sendChatReply(Message originalMessage, string reply)
originalMessage.From, reply,
null, originalMessage.Thread, MessageType.Chat
private bool isContact(Jid jid)
foreach (RosterItem nextContact in client.GetRoster()) {
if (nextContact.Jid == jid)
return true;
return false;