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# RhinoReminds
> An XMPP reminder bot written in C#.
## Getting Started
### Downloading Prebuilt Binaries
Prebuilt binaries for the latest release are available on the [releases page](
### Building from Source
1. Install the NuGet dependencies:
nuget restore
2. Build the solution:
3. Specify the environment variables
Variable | Meaning
`XMPP_JID` | The JID to connect with
`XMPP_PASSWORD` | The password to use when connecting
4. Execute the program
cd RhinoReminds/bin/{Debug|Release}
# Linux:
mono [--debug] RhinoReminds.exe [--help]
# Windows:
RhinoReminds.exe [--help]
## Usage
The bot operates on natural language instructions. It picks what to do from the first word in the sentence, but the rest is parsed via AI.
### Setting a reminder
Remind me to feed the cat at 6pm
Remind me about CrossCode's release on 20th September 2018
4 years ago
Remind me to water the greenhouse tomorrow at 4:03pm
Remind me in 1 hour to check the oven
### Listing reminders
List all reminders
Show all
List all
### Deleting Reminders
Delete reminder 43
Delete #22, #23, and #45
Delete number eight
Delete reminders 2, 3, 4, and 7
## Contributing
Contributions are welcome! Bug reports can be opened against this repository if you have an account. Otherwise, send them to `bugs at starbeamrainbowlabs dot com`.
Pull requests and patches are welcome too. [Here's a great tutorial]( on creating patches. If there's any interest, I'll move this repository to my account on []( if that makes things easier.
## License
RhinoReminds is licensed under the _Mozilla Public License 2.0_ (MPL-2.0 for short) - the full text of which can be found in the [LICENSE]( file in this repository. tl;drLegal have a [great summary]( if you don't want to spend all day read dry legalese :P
## Useful Links
- [Microsoft.Text.Recognizers Samples](
- [S22.Xmpp API Documentation](