My LoRaWAN Signal Mapping MSc summer project. This is a copy of the actual repository with personal information removed.
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// Copy this file to have the name "config.custom.h", and fill in the 3 sections below
// LoRaWAN NwkSKey, network session key
// Big endian (i.e. msb)
static const PROGMEM u1_t NWKSKEY[16] = { .... };
// LoRaWAN AppSKey, application session key
// Big endian (i.e. msb)
static const u1_t PROGMEM APPSKEY[16] = { .... };
// LoRaWAN end-device address (DevAddr)
// See
// The library converts the address to network byte order as needed.
// Big endian (i.e. msb)
static const u4_t DEVADDR = 0x....; // <-- Change this address for every node!