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"use strict";
* Recursively overwrites 1 settings object with another.
* Ported from PHP: https://gist.github.com/00f1b9b1fd6ca0610b780587f11ede4e#file-applysettings-php
* @param {object} def The default settings object to overwrite.
* @param {object} custom The settings to use when overwriting.
function apply_settings(def, custom) {
// Loop over each of the custom settings
for(let key in custom) {
// If the property isn't an object, then it's probably a setting
// We should overwrite the existing default setting with the custom one.
if(typeof custom[key] != "object")
def[key] = custom[key];
else // It's an object! We should recurse over it.
apply_settings(def[key], custom[key]);
export default apply_settings;