An L-System engine and turtle-based renderer.
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SimpleTurtle L-System Renderer
by Starbeamrainbowlabs
./SimpleTurtle.exe {options}
-i --input-file The file that contains the input L-System parameters. Defaults to stdin.
-o --output-dir The output directory in which to save the rendered / simulated L-System generations. Defaults to the name of the input file, minus the file extension - or just simply 'l-system'.
-s --skip-gen The starting generation. Default: 0.
-c --count The number of generations to render. Default: 5
-d --step-dist The number of pixels the turtle will walk forwards at a time. Default: 25.
Input File Format:
The first line is the seed (the starting state).
Subsequent lines beginning with a # (hash sign) are ignored.
Rules are declared with an equals sign - i.e. f=f-f+, or fb=fbfafcfafb.
Lines starting with an exclamation mark specify directives that should be passed to the turtle - i.e. !angle=1.0472
The L-System is rendered at each generation. Any character the turtle doesn't understand is ingored.
Turtle Characters:
f Move forwards
h Also move forwards
+ Turn clockwise
- Turn anti-clockwise
[ Save position & heading to stack
] Restore position & heading from stack
Turtle Directives:
angle Sets the angle by which the turtle should turn. Note that this is specified in radians.
Example Input Files:
Hilbert Curve:
Dragon Curve:
Sierpinski Triangle