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A ridiculously simple lazy image loader, written in ES6. Time for a nap I think... This is a read-only backup mirror of the main Github repository. https://github.com/sbrl/SnoozeSquad
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### SnoozeSquad Makefile ###
# The target output file
TargetFile = SnoozeSquad.min.js
# Set the default make goal
# Installs the neccesary dependencies to begin development.
# Currently linux only, but it's so simple you should be able to figure windows
# out easily.
@echo [SnoozeSquad/Setup] Installing UglifyJS \(Harmony\)
sudo npm install uglify-js-harmony --global
# The default make target. This minifies SnoozeSquad.js to SnoozeSquad.min.js.
cat HeaderComment.js >$(TargetFile)
uglifyjs SnoozeSquad.js --mangle --compress --screw-ie8 >>$(TargetFile)
@echo [SnoozeSquad/Build] Minified Snooze Squad to $(TargetFile)
@echo [SnoozeSquad/Build] $$(ls -lh SnoozeSquad.js | cut -d ' ' -f 5) --\> $$(ls -lh SnoozeSquad.min.js | cut -d ' ' -f 5)
@echo '*** Build Complete ***'