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Starbeamrainbowlabs cfd087d919
Add MPL 2.0 short header to core code files 2020-09-23 23:22:39 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 8928de9d1f
build: fix creation of extra data directory 2020-07-08 23:33:27 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs f632c0907c
Integrate didyoumean into the main search engine, but it's crashing.
We're getting there though!
2020-03-15 17:54:27 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 2eb4f73c5e
Add dependency system to build system ahead of a feature-search refactor.
We should probably refactor the build script into something more 
object-oriented too, since it's getting somewhat complicated. I've added 
some ASCII art headers as a stop-gap for now, but a proper refactor of 
that too (into a class-based system probably) is incoming I think.
2020-03-11 23:32:10 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs fa81f0df25
Implement basic Pepperminty Wiki CLI & shell :D
The BkTree tester gave me the idea.

No longer will you have to hope that search indexing will complete in 
time and adjust the maximum execution time for larger wikis..... when 
that's implemented.
2020-03-10 01:47:40 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 4f9f1a6cf9
Add support for core sharding to build script 2019-03-02 21:13:41 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 4de995761d
Fix a bunch of serenata errors 2019-03-02 13:49:12 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs d6c56feb1d
Download extra files in the pseudo-module_register(), and then pack 'em in the packer 2019-03-02 13:32:12 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 7cd57c894f
Use a clever hack to get the file descriptor of the ZipArchive and peel the data out.
Not sure if it'll work yet though, as we've run into a bit of a snag 
with the module loading.....
2019-03-02 12:24:11 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs e93417f171
Start working on a new extra_data system, but it's not finished yet.
Warning: Everything's broken! If you want to use the latest master, please use the commit before this one.
2019-02-26 23:01:09 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 9bb97cad5b
Build script: Output some basic progress information 2019-02-26 19:48:04 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs f509db5785 Write extension of parsedown extra and change default parser.
Also automatically download parsedown and parsedownextra to the current directory dynamically instead of including in the parser-parsedown module.
2016-03-12 15:26:30 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 25198c6518 Bugfix: undefined variable stdClass::optional in build system 2015-09-22 14:51:38 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 03c908bb70 Add optional module support 2015-09-21 15:18:55 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs daa8ac2a3b Rework build system to reduce repetition 2015-09-20 12:37:21 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs e465a05083 Erm what's happening here...? 2015-09-19 10:19:56 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 8b90b2ba1d Move the built version to a separate folder & update README... again 2015-08-05 13:34:37 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs bc4533c16c Cleaned up build system 2015-05-24 16:24:03 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 0840170750 the new build system is done! Next up: testing. 2015-05-08 20:03:15 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 8b61af93b1 cleared space for a new build script 2015-04-25 14:18:03 +01:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs ec2008e678 Fixed build script - some random merge text 2014-12-26 12:23:02 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 61a4b5ec85 Fixed strange conflict bug 2014-12-26 11:29:31 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 646591fa90 Added <?php ?> tags to and added code to remove them to 2014-12-26 11:25:11 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 582dcc5c53 Added <?php ?> tags to `settings.fragment.php` and added code to remove them to `build.php` 2014-12-26 11:14:29 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs ea2411aa67 Extracted settings to settings.fragment.php 2014-12-26 11:06:37 +00:00
Starbeamrainbowlabs 3cab765c7c Added simple build system to pave way for more complex features 2014-12-25 20:31:01 +00:00