*** Backup Mirror *** The web interface and JSON api for the ConnectedHumber Air Quality Monitoring Project. https://github.com/ConnectedHumber/Air-Quality-Web
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# This file defines the default configuration settings.
##### DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. #####
# Your changes may be overwritten in a future update.
# Instead, edit the custom configuration file located at "data/settings.toml".
# The operating mode. Can be either "development", or "production" (default; activates a number of optimisations which might make development harder, such as 3rd-party library caches)
mode = "production"
# HTTP related settings
# Whether to enable cross-origin-request-sharing. This allows HTTP API queries
# from origins other than that of the origin of the HTTP API itself.
# For example, if the HTTP API is running on sensors.connectedhumber.org, then
# Without CORS a client-side Javascript program running on foo.example.com would
# not be able to request data.
# Possible values: false (disabled), a string (an origin to allow; set via the access-control-allow-origin header), or the special string "*" (allows all origins)
cors = false
# cors = "subdomain.example.com"
# cors = "*"
# Settings that control the database, or the connection to it
type = "mysql" # MariaDB. MySQL servers might work too, but no promises.
# The host that the database is running on. Both IP addresses & domain names are fine I think :-)
host = ""
# The database to use.
name = "aq_db"
# The username to connect with
username = "user"
# the password to connect with
password = "Define_in_custom_config_file"
# Settings that control the router's behaviour
# The default action to take if no action is specified
default-action = "index"
# Settings that control how we request that appropriate API responses be cached.
# Note that these only affect select responses that won't change.
# Note also that cache headers are only sent in production mode - see env.mode above
max-age = 2592000 # 30 days
# The max-age for time-sensitive data (e.g. last_seen values). Defaults to 30 seconds, which should yield some benefit).
max-age-supershort = 30 # 30 seconds
# Settings relating to the data returned by the API.
# The maximum number of seconds difference allowed before a reading is
# considered to be part of a different set.
# This is required, as not all the data items come in at the same time - so we
# need to be a bit 'fuzzy' about which readings we consider to be part of which
# time-step. Ideally, this value should be half of the actual data recording
# interval.
max_reading_timediff = 180
# Various tunable limits.
# The device-data-recent action
# The max. number of rows allowed in a single request
max_rows = 1000