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# Changelog
# v0.9.2 - 3rd June 2019
- [API] Updated the [API documentation]( with a quick reference of the available actions at the top.
# v0.9.1 - 16th May 2019
- [API] Changed the default action. It now displays a helpful message by default instead of routing directly to `fetch-data`.

@ -3,6 +3,19 @@ The server-side API is accessed through `api.php`, and supports a number of GET
The most important of these is the `action` parameter, Which determines what the API will do. The following values are supported:
Action | Meaning
`version` | Gets the version of _Air Quality Web_ that's currently running.
`fetch-data` | Fetches air quality data from the system for a specific data type at a specific date and time.
`list-devices` | Fetches a list of devices currently in the system.
`device-info` | Gets (lots of) information about a single device.
`list-reading-types` | Lists the different types of readings that can be specified.
`device-data-bounds` | Gets the start and end DateTime bounds for the data recorded for a specific device.
`device-data` | Gets data by device given a start and end time.
`changelog` | Gets the changelog as a fragment of HTML.
These are explained in detail below:
## version
> Returns the version of the application.