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# Changelog
This is the changelog for the air quality web interface and its associated HTTP API.
- `[API]` refers to changes to the [HTTP API](https://aq.connectedhumber.org/__nightdocs/05-API-Docs.html).
- `[Code]` refers to internal changes to the code that have no direct impact on the web interface or the HTTP API, but are significant enough to warrant note.
## v0.11 - 21st June 2019
- [API] Add new [`list-devices-near`](https://aq.connectedhumber.org/__nightdocs/05-API-Docs.html#list-devices-near) action.
- [API] Clarified that clients MUST ignore properties returned by the API that they do not understand.
- [API] Clarified that clients SHOULD respect the `cache-control` HTTP header returned by many API actions
## v0.10.4 - 20th June 2019
- [Code] Update dependencies behind web interface