Add execute calls to debug new archive task

Starbeamrainbowlabs 4 years ago
parent 13567a9cb5
commit c433bdaef1
Signed by: sbrl
GPG Key ID: 1BE5172E637709C2
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@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ task_download-composer() {
task_begin "Downloading composer";
curl "" -o "${cache_dir}/composer"; exit_code=$?;
execute curl "" -o "${cache_dir}/composer"; exit_code=$?;
chmod +x "${cache_dir}/composer";
task_end ${exit_code};
@ -106,18 +106,18 @@ task_setup() {
task_end $?;
task_begin "Initialising submodules";
git submodule update --init;
execute git submodule update --init;
task_end $?;
task_begin "Installing client dependencies";
echo -e "${HC}Not including developement dependencies. To complete setup for development, execute the ${CACTION}setup-dev${RS} ${HC}build task.${RS}";
npm install --production;
execute npm install --production;
task_end $?;
tasks_run download-composer;
task_begin "Installing server dependencies";
"${cache_dir}/composer" install --no-dev;
execute "${cache_dir}/composer" install --no-dev;
task_end $?;
if [ ! -d "./data" ]; then
@ -143,11 +143,11 @@ task_setup-dev() {
task_end $?;
task_begin "Installing client development dependencies";
npm install;
execute npm install;
task_end $?;
task_begin "Installing server development dependencies";
"${cache_dir}/composer" install;
execute "${cache_dir}/composer" install;
task_end $?;
@ -197,11 +197,11 @@ task_dev-server-stop() {
task_client() {
task_begin "Packaging Javascript";
node_modules/rollup/bin/rollup --sourcemap --config rollup.config.js;
execute node_modules/rollup/bin/rollup --sourcemap --config rollup.config.js;
task_end $? "Error: rollup packing failed!";
task_begin "Copying html";
cp client_src/index.html "${build_output_folder}";
execute cp client_src/index.html "${build_output_folder}";
task_end $?;
# task_begin "Copying css";
@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ task_client-watch() {
task_docs() {
task_begin "Rendering docs";
node_modules/.bin/nightdocs --config nightdocs.toml;
execute node_modules/.bin/nightdocs --config nightdocs.toml;
task_end $?;
@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ task_ci() {
task_archive() {
# We include the data directory here because we assume that this task is ONLY run in a CI environment, so it should only contain the default setup generated by an earlier task.
tar -cafv "${ARCHIVE}/Air-Quality-Web.tar.gz" app/ __nightdocs/ lib/ logic/ vendor/ data/ *.php *.md LICENSE version settings.default.toml
execute tar -cafv "${ARCHIVE}/Air-Quality-Web.tar.gz" app/ __nightdocs/ lib/ logic/ vendor/ data/ *.php *.md LICENSE version settings.default.toml