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# TextRecogniserDemo
A demo of Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.
> A quick demo of `Microsoft.Recognizers.Text`.
Written for a blog post (link coming soon!).
## Getting Started
### In Visual Studio / MonoDevelop / etc.
Open the `.sln` file in Visual Studio and hit the _start_ button. It should automatically download and install the dependencies from NuGet. You may need to accept some license agreements.
### In the terminal / command line
Navigate to root of this repository in your terminal or command line (if on Windows, ensure it's a _Visual Studio Developer Tools Prompt_ or the like), and run `msbuild`:
Once done, the output binary should be located in `TextRecogniserDemo/bin/Debug`. Navigate to that directory and run it:
# On Linux:
mono ./TextRecogniserDemo.exe
# On Windows:
## Contributing
This project is meant as a demo - and as such as a starting point for your own code. If you find a bug, however, I'm happy to take a look (or, even better [send a patch]( and send it my way - my contact details can be found on [my website](
Please remember to state in your email / message / etc to state that you release your patch under the licence below :-)
## Licence
The code in this repository is licenced under the _MIT License_ - the text of which is located in the [LICENSE]( file in this repository. tl;drLegal have a [summary]( if you don't want to read the full text :P