Converts MIDI files into music box scores that are ready to print.
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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
namespace MusicBoxConverter
public class MusicBox
public List<string> ValidNotes { get; private set; }
private MusicBox(List<string> inValidNotes)
ValidNotes = inValidNotes;
public bool IsValidNote(string noteName)
throw new NotImplementedException();
/// <summary>
/// A 30 note music box.
/// @Starbeamrainbowlabs has one of these - it was the part of the
/// inspiration for the whole project!
/// </summary>
public static MusicBox Note30 = new MusicBox(
new List<string>() {
"C4", "D4", "E4", "F4", "G4", "A4", "A#4", "B4",
"C5", "C#5", "D5", "D#5", "E5", "F5", "F#5", "G5", "G#5", "A5", "A#5", "B5",
"C6", "C#6", "D6", "D#6", "E6", "F6", "F#6", "G6", "A6"