My LoRaWAN Signal Mapping MSc summer project. This is a copy of the actual repository with personal information removed.
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#pragma once
////////////// Main //////////////
// The speed at which we should talk over our main hardware serial connection.
#define BAUD_PC 115200
// Multiple devices can use the same SPI data pin AFAIKT, but some libraries *cough* SD *cough* are too stupid to figure out which pin it is on their own.
#define PIN_SPI_DATA 9
////////////// GPS //////////////
// The *TX* gin of the GPS device.
// This is swapped because we receive the GPS device's message on our side on the RX pin, and the GPS device transmits messages on the TX.
#define PIN_GPS_RX 4
// The *RX* pin on the GPS device.
// This is swapped because where the GPs device is receiving, we aresending and vice versa.
// The TX / RX here are according to *our* side, not the GPS device's side.
#define PIN_GPS_TX 3
// The speed at which we should talk to the GPS device. Some GPS devices require a certain speed in order to use certain commands, so it's important that you check the datasheets for the device you're using.
// 9600 is the correct speed for a NEO-6M.
#define BAUD_GPS 9600
////////// microSD Card //////////
// The chip select pin that activates the connection to the microSD card over SPI.
#define SD_FILENAME "data.tsv"