A wiki in a box - this is a backup read-only mirror of the main Github repository. https://github.com/sbrl/Pepperminty-Wiki/
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.DEFAULT_GOAL := peppermint
.PHONY: setupApiDoc peppermint docs rest_docs module_api_docs
ApiDocPresent := $(shell sh -c apidoc --help 1\>/dev/null && rm -rf doc/)
@echo [peppermint/build] Rebuilding Pepperminty Wiki
php build.php
docs: rest_docs module_api_docs
rest_docs: setupApiDoc
@echo [peppermint/docs] Building docs
apidoc -o './docs/RestApi/' --config apidoc.json -f '.*\.php' -e index.php
rm -rf doc/
module_api_docs: phpdoc
@echo [peppermint/module api docs] Updating module api docs
php phpdoc run --directory . --target docs/ModuleApi --cache-folder docs/ModuleApiCache --ignore build/,php_error.php,Parsedown*,*.html --title "Pepperminty Wiki Module API" --visibility public
curl -L https://phpdoc.org/phpDocumentor.phar -o phpdoc
@echo [peppermint] Checking for apiDoc
ifndef ApiDocPresent
@echo [peppermint] Attempting to install ApiDoc, since it wasn't detected in your PATH
@echo [peppermint] Note that you may need to be root, and you'll need npm installed.
npm install apidoc --global
@echo [peppermint] Check complete