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Backup mirror of primary GitHub repository. 🖼️ 👋 A simple program to share a directory of pictures recursively. Inspired by netham91/Quick-Share. https://gitlab.com/sbrl/GalleryShare
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Starbeamrainbowlabs d43b88d358 csproj update...? 5 years ago
Embed Use display: flex; to make the footer always appear at the bottom of the screen 5 years ago
Properties Initial commit. End of first dev session. 7 years ago
RequestRouter FIddle with display names & fix links 5 years ago
Extensions.cs Centre file previews in directory previews. 6 years ago
GalleryServer.cs Escape paths sent to the browser to avoid awkward pathing issues. 6 years ago
GalleryShare.csproj csproj update...? 5 years ago
Program.cs Add --help 5 years ago
ThumbnailGenerator.cs Show newest files in a direcotry in the preview, not the oldest 5 years ago
Utilities.cs Windows: Detect HttpListener privilege error and inform the user. 6 years ago
packages.config FIddle with display names & fix links 5 years ago