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Backup mirror of primary GitHub repository. 🖼️ 👋 A simple program to share a directory of pictures recursively. Inspired by netham91/Quick-Share. https://gitlab.com/sbrl/GalleryShare
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# :frame\_with\_picture: :wave: GalleryShare
A simple program to share a directory of pictures and / or recursively. Inspired by [netham91/Quick-Share](https://github.com/netham91/Quick-Share).
## :package: Getting Started
To get started, head over to the [releases](https://github.com/sbrl/GalleryShare/releases/) page and download the latest release.
A solution for on GitLab are a work in progress, as there isn't currently a way to upload binaries. ([Git LFS](https://git-lfs.github.com/) is one such solution under investigation). For now, download from the GitHub release.
If you're on Linux or Mac, you'll need to install the [mono](http://www.mono-project.com/) runtime. Debian users can simply execute `sudo apt install mono-runtime` - users of other distributions can just substitute `apt` for their own package manager :smiley_cat:
If you're on Windows, you're already got everything installed that you need, though it should be noted that due to a ridiculous quirk in the way `System.Net.HttpListener` works, you'll need to run GalleryShare as an administrator! If you use the mono runtime (Yes, it is available for Windows too!), you shouldn't experience this problem though.
5 years ago
Once you've got yourself setup, simply execute `GalleryShare.exe`, and it'll start the GalleryShare server. Type `./GalleryShare.exe --help` to learn more about the different options provided, such as a way to change the port GalleryShare listens on, or the directory GalleryShare serves from.
## :hourglass_flowing_sand: Stay up to date!
If you like GalleryShare and want to keep it, add the folder GalleryShare resides in to your system's PATH, or create a batch / bash file that calls it for you. TO kepe up-to-date on GalleryShare releases, I find [Sibbell](https://about.sibbell.com/) useful for sending me notifications about new releases from my GitHub stars.