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# Changelog
This is the changelog for the air quality web interface and its associated HTTP API.
- `[API]` refers to changes to the [HTTP API](
- `[Code]` refers to internal changes to the code that have no direct impact on the web interface or the HTTP API, but are significant enough to warrant note.
- `[Docs]` refers to changes to the [documentation](
## v0.11.1 - 22nd June 2019
- Drastically improve the performance of the backend SQL queries that power the heatmap and device graphs by over 35x in some cases!
- For users of the HTTP API, said queries are `fetch-data` and `device-data`.
## v0.11 - 21st June 2019
- [API] Add new [`list-devices-near`]( action.
- [API] Clarified that clients MUST ignore properties returned by the API that they do not understand.
- [API] Clarified that clients SHOULD respect the `cache-control` HTTP header returned by many API actions
- [Docs] Improved documentation about where to get the initial database schema from.
## v0.10.4 - 20th June 2019
- [Code] Update dependencies behind web interface
- [API] Optimise `fetch-data` (the action behind the voronoi diagram heatmap) a bit - it's roughly 100ms faster now
- More speed will be coming soon with the addition of database indexes
- [API] Add performance counter system, which returns query timing information via the `x-time-taken` HTTP header in the response to most queries
## v0.10.3 - 13th June 2019
- [API] Added new [`device-data-recent`]( action.
- [Code] Improve documentation of underlying code.
## v0.10.2 - 13th June 2019
- [API Docs] Add links to action sections
- [API] Bugfix: Fix default index action so it actually displays the api welcome message
## v0.10.1 - 10th June 2019
- Remove heatmap blob radius UI setting
- Add welcome tour, which shows the first time the page is loaded
## v0.10 - 10th June 2019
- Change heatmap into a voronoi diagram ([#30](
## v0.9.2 - 3rd June 2019
- [API] Updated the [API documentation]( with a quick reference of the available actions at the top.
## v0.9.1 - 16th May 2019
- [API] Changed the default action. It now displays a helpful message by default instead of routing directly to `fetch-data`.
## v0.9 - 9th May 2019
- Add heatmap gauge at the right-hand-side
- Display the changelog the first time a user loads the page after an update
## v0.8 - 23rd April 2019
- Update heatmap colours to match the [official DEFRA standards](
- Bugfix: Allow different reading types to be selected once more in the bottom-left
- Bugfix: Immediately update heatmap when changing the blob radius
## v0.7.1 - 16th April 2019
- [API] `list-reading-types` no longer returns an error if a device hasn't submitted any readings yet
- [API] Remove device locations from `fetch-data` action to boost performance
## v0.7 - 14th April 2019
- Added experimental heatmap time slider!
## v0.6 - 13th April 2019
- [Build] Continuous Deployment is now active! More time for development, less time manually updating the server.
- The way the server is configured has completely changed, so please [report any issues]( you encounter
## v0.5.6 - 6th April 2019
- Add new [Raspberry Pi Installation Instructions]( from @BNNorman
## v0.5.5 - 5th April 2019
- [Build] Use local version of composer
- [Build] Check for `pdo_mysql` PHP module
## v0.5.4 - 14th March 2019
- [API] Added device altitude information to `list-devices` and `device-info` actions
- [API] Added device type id property to `list-devices` action
## v0.5.3 - 7th March 2019
- Tweak x axis labels
- Build script: Improve first-time setup experience
## v0.5.2 - 1st March 2019
- [API] Added `version` action
## v0.5.1 - 26th February 2019
- Fixed issue with non-linear sensor reading reports ([#15](
## v0.5 - 24th February 2019
- Add advanced date/time picker interface to the device graph.
## v0.4 - 24th February 2019
- [API] Added new `format` GET parameter to the following actions:
- `device-data`
- `list-devices`
- `list-reading-types`
- `fetch-data`
## v0.3.3 - 20th February 2019
- Updated to use new database structure
## v0.3.2 - 10th February 2019
- Bugfix: Default to something sensible when opening the device graph in certain cases
- Add new quick time buttons below device graph to change displayed time window
## v0.3.1 - 7th February 2019
- Hidden measurement types in the device graph if a device hasn't reported any readings of that type
### API Backend
- Added `device-id` parameter to the `list-reading-types` action.
## v0.3.0 - 1st February 2019
- Installed a library to fix bugs in the device marker tabbing system
- Add _rudimentary_ mobile device support. Note that this is not a priority until the design of the interface for desktop has been worked out.
- Add "report bug" button
## v0.2.0 - 26th January 2019
The first entry!
- Add this changelog to let people know what's new :D