A home for my visual webpage diffing technology.

Updated 3 years ago

Visualise textual Tensorflow summaries as a directed graph.

Updated 3 months ago

Backup mirror of the terrain50-cli on npm

Updated 6 months ago

Distributed system information query tool.

Updated 5 months ago

A super simple JS library for playing sound effects - this is a read-only backup mirror of the main Github repository

Updated 5 years ago

A simple PHP + XML + XSLT + CSS3 powered error reporting and collation system.

Updated 4 years ago

The pepperminty.wiki website!

Updated 3 months ago

Mutate a word to find a cool name!

Updated 1 year ago

A collection of maze generation programs

Updated 1 year ago

A collection of LaTeX templates that are useful when writing a report.

Updated 1 week ago

[Backup Mirror] 🏗 🚧 A simple bash-based build engine for automating complex, fiddly, and boring development tasks.

Updated 5 years ago

Predicting film genres from their posters with Tensorflow.js

Updated 2 years ago

Dockerfiles and scripts to build various Docker images I rely on.

Updated 3 months ago

The one and only C♯ Class Generator.

Updated 7 years ago

Cluster deployment toolkit for rapidly provisioning new hosts

Updated 4 months ago

A backup mirror for the main cloudcatcher repository on github.

Updated 5 years ago

A backup mirror of my ~/bin folder that's hosted on Github.

Updated 5 years ago

Automatic plant monitoring and watering system

Updated 11 months ago

A place for all the arduino code I write.

Updated 3 years ago