Automatic plant monitoring and watering system

Updated 4 days ago

Predicting film genres from their posters with Tensorflow.js

Updated 11 months ago

Dockerfiles and scripts to build various Docker images I rely on.

Updated 4 weeks ago

WorldEditAdditions for Minetest: GitHub backup mirror

Updated 3 weeks ago

A home for my visual webpage diffing technology.

Updated 2 years ago

The website!

Updated 5 months ago

A collection of maze generation programs

Updated 4 weeks ago

Backup mirror of the terrain50-cli on npm

Updated 9 months ago

My LoRaWAN Signal Mapping MSc summer project. This is a copy of the actual repository with personal information removed.

Updated 2 years ago

The code that drives my apt repository.

Updated 1 year ago

Backup mirror

Updated 2 years ago

A collection of LaTeX templates that are useful when writing a report.

Updated 3 months ago

Backup mirror of

Updated 7 months ago

The Linux 101 tutorial resources I've put together.

Updated 2 years ago

*** Backup Mirror *** The web interface and JSON api for the ConnectedHumber Air Quality Monitoring Project.

Updated 4 months ago

A demonstration XMPP bot to show how easy it is to write one :D

Updated 3 years ago

The glue code that powers my RFM-95 + Raspberry Pi 3 B+ powered gateway.

Updated 2 years ago

A demo of Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.

Updated 3 years ago

An XMPP reminder bot written in C#.

Updated 2 years ago

A standalone full-text search engine written in C#.

Updated 3 years ago