A collection of LaTeX templates that are useful when writing a report.
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A collection of LaTeX templates that are useful when writing a report.

All examples use the official University of Hull referencing style, and are originally derived from the template given to me for my interim report.

Getting Started

Start by cloning this repository (git clone https://git.starbeamrainbowlabs.com/Demos/latex-templates.git).

Then, in a terminal (or Git Bash on Windows), run the provided build script like this:

./build setup render

Note that it uses pdflatex and bibtex by default. If you use a different LaTeX render, I'd love to know! Get in contact with me via any method mentioned on my website


While I've listed this repository under the MIT licence, that only covers the modifications I've made to the template myself.

The actual template (including the referencing style itself) that I've based these templates on is probably Copyright © University of Hull 2019 (though hull.bst claims it's under the LaTeX Project Public License).

Disclaimer: These templates are provided for University of Hull students only. No guarantee is provided - even fitness-for-purpose. In other words, no guarantee is made that these templates actually conform to official University guidelines and regulations!